Thailand the channel for international “money laundering”

Thailand and “money laundering”.

The FATF (*), Thailand has been classified in February for “high risk” country!

Thailand has in the past decade, Singapore moved off as “a channel for money laundering.”

The Russian Viktor Bout, who has since been sentenced to 25 years in the U.S. went, not coincidentally in the case of the FBI and the CIA. The Italian mafia boss, who was arrested last week, is the “banker” of the “Cosa Nostra”.

The Japanese mafia often has to do in Bangkok “Business” and sends “familiar”, which often lack the 1-2 fingers!

Thailand refuses to be reexamined the origin of the money and is now the “hub” for dirty and “blood money” in Asia.

The money comes from dictators, drug dealers, organized crime, the mafia, arms dealers etc. more.

A significant part of the hotels and resort facilities, and other larger homes are built with drug money.

The refusal of banks to ask about the origin of the money was met with disapproval in the world.

It is therefore not surprising that the FATF developed concepts such as Thailand in the International money market “punished” can be.

This “dirty money” has now grown into a powerful factor in Thailand,where banks are involved, politicians, police and large business community.

Legislative changes, which create transparency myself here, boycotted by these circles, even though the current government party to enforce it really wants.

  (*), FATF (Financial Action Task Force) on Money Laundering worldwide.

Ralf Guenther
Philosopher, prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf


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