Thailand: 500 Baht per day penalty for foreigners!

I would like here to alert people make a practice is unworthy and disproportionate.

Basically true for some years that are penalized under an expired residence permit (Visa), foreigners 500 Baht per day (overstay).However, at most a maximum of 20’000 Baht. This practice is generally inappropriate.

For Asians, however, belong also to those Cambodians, this practice is, however, unacceptable and inhuman!

Asians in the adjoining room typically earn no more than 150 U.S. dollars a month and this corresponds to about 4,500 baht (100 USD). For this apply the same rules as for better-paid foreigners from Europe or overseas.

To avoid this penalty, the foreigners ” tolerated by the authorities* ” informed about it as they can get with a “trick” again for a residence permit. So you have to travel to the border, leaving Thailand to pay for a visa in another country, such as Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, and can immediately re-enter Thailand. You will receive a new permit for 14 days. For a return flight from abroad, then for 30 days.

At the boundaries, however, cavort, mostly hidden in the travel agencies or similar agencies, providers for the visas. For a stay of a foreigner for a night in a “foreign” then visa for 1 or 2 – 3 months “for sale”. The prices for such visas are always exaggerated and often by twice or more expensive than self-procured visas.

I assume that the Thai Visa as a “commodity” is so disproportionate to the price and you must assume Dealing in Fraud.

Is not the visas “commodity”, it is, these “helpers” to officially tolerated deceivers against which the Thai police would have to proceed.

* (Immigration policy)

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf



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