Transsexualism is a gender identity disorder?

Undisputed is the fact that Transsexualism arises only in the womb and not solely been about the genes of the father and mother at conception.

We now know that transgender people have genetic characteristics that may impact on androgen and estrogen receptors, which leads to decreased testosterone record.

Next, we know that the brain region BSTc which to outlying for Gender Development, transsexual women in the same neuronal density as non-transsexual women. Each brain specialist would a sliced brain of a transsexual woman classified as female.

Moreover, we know that can hormonal influences in the prenatal state push transsexuality, which in animal studies with rats is even reproducible.

And we know today that the gender identity later than the age of three years may be altered impossible.

So we know that there are people whose feelings and thoughts, including brain structure does not correspond to biological sex.

We know that there are cases in which the body and mind (soul) does not develop in the same sex and is already in the embryonic state.

It should be taken into account the fact that it is quite possible that the body is at least partially developed in the wrong sex. Intersexed people are often ambiguous genitalia to the world and are then matched by operational measures as possible.

The researchers tried to therapeutic and medical measures in the past transsexual people “reprogramming”. It often therapies came with painful electric shocks applied.

All these measures were unsuccessful.

Must not be forgotten, however, that the body is not an absolute measure, and gender may be decisive.

But decided to psychiatry, physical traits that are sex-determining.

So how to judge a transsexual medical and officially by WHO (World Health Organization):

“It is a race for identity disorder.”

This thinking is wrong!

First priority for a sex determination, the spirit, the soul be so.

It should be clear once said that homosexuality has nothing to do with Transsexualism!

This established the diagnosis is “There is a mental disturbance.”

No psychologist would still trans-sexuality are among the psychoses, but what is meant to be otherwise, if this conviction is so fixed and fix value?

Transsexualism and other forms represent a deliberate by our “Creator” variety, which can also be observed in nature and wildlife. Any kind of discrimination of this group is a

“Violation of human rights”


     Ralf Guenther
     Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf

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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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