Threatened a “third world war”?

Israeli military strike against Iran is expected “from April to June” 2012th

With an already long announced military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran fueled the tense situation in the Middle East continues. The lake road between Iran and North Africa is considered an important transportation route for oil. In response to the boycott of Iranian oil through the UN, Iran had threatened to block the sea route. For several weeks U.S. warships patrolling along the route to break blockades if necessary militarily.

At the same time new forecasts were evaluated by an Israeli military strike against Iran known. Thus, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is expecting an imminent attack to eliminate the Iranian nuclear program from April to June 2012th After that, Panetta, after notification of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (4th 2nd 2012), Iran was able to use enriched uranium for the production of atomic bombs.

In addition, Iran is prepared by moving manufacturing into underground bunkers continues to prepare for an air strike. Contrary to official opinion, according to which Iran is building nuclear bombs on, President  Ahmadinejad insists on the right of the exclusively peaceful use of nuclear power.

In the past, Israel had tried to sabotage by the targeted elimination of Iranian nuclear scientists and the use of computer virus programs (“Stuxnet”) Iran’s nuclear program. While Israel had drawn the outrage of the United States to be, as it became known that  Mossad agents had been spent in carrying out attacks as a CIA agent.

However, confirmed the mutual High swings of the latent danger of war between Iran, Israel and the United States, Wolfgang Eggert  thesis according to which there are strong currents in all these countries who are working on a third world war in order to implement messianic prophecies into reality:

This currents underlying messianic end time prophety is found primarily within Judaism: Even the establishment of the Jewish state while unfolding a great symbolic value because several prophecies, according Jersualem the city would be the kingdom of heaven by the Jewish from the Messiah as a ruler of the world, the battle of Armageddon would strike.

Ben Gureon, first prime minister of Israel known in 1946, even before the founding of the state:

“I want them now reveal a great secret: a secret organization, a Jewish conspiracy whose origins go back down to the year 1897, did so in a time when Hitler and some of his friends were children, the right of the Jewish people to their own Fatherland known, wanted to move back where the Jews. I am happy to learn after so many years that this conspiracy up to the present day has been kept secret. “

In 1704 wrote the famous scientist Isaac Newton, who was very interested in alchemy and secret teachings, a letter in which he set forth the doomsday to the year 2060. This was acknowledged he had come through the study of scriptures. A striking parallel to the assertion Eggert, according to which had created a Jewish messianic sect (“Chasidäer”) once such a prophecy in the Bible. Eggert, this group worked to realize an end-time Armageddon scenario, including the use of Israeli nuclear weapons hold in particular against Iran. The situation in the Middle East is currently at least going to escalate, go out because both Israel and the United States from an imminent attack on Iran and the Iranian hard-line in case of attack announced.

However, not only within Judaism developed this religious background influence, but also the political spectrum in the U.S..The aim is authoritative leader of the U.S. Republican in an apocalyptic sect called the “Promise Keepers” to be engaged. According to Wolfgang Eggert, who wrote to a petition, was “the doomsday clique in promoting a war against Iran – with the clear intention of Russia to the last battle of the Apocalypse” Gog / Magog “(Ezekiel 38-39) must be applied and the struggle to its climax on the battlefield of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16-20) lead to the Middle East. “

A special role to play while the Pharisaic small elite of Israel, the group for the Final Judgment, to accelerate the arrival of their hypocritical Messiah Ben David. Political partner of these extremists are the cults of the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch and Hardal.

Anyone who thinks that a significant portion of paranoia would drive Eggert in his work should take into account at various times in the licensing power of the press expressed Jewish sect. This was how some of the “Focus”, the late leader of the Kabbalah-American Church, Chabad, Rabbi Schneerson, “the hidden ruler of Israel”:

No man was a Jewish state on a visit to the United States, whether Likud or Labor, come around to a private audience. Moishe, the son of the most intimate Schneerson-confidant Yehudah Krinsky and Press Secretary admits to the magazine: The Rebbe was involved in every Israeli development. “

 Wolfgang Eggert

Ralf Guenther commented:

Undeniably, there are Jewish groups working toward an escalation and put pressure on Obama. A nuclear strike against Iran would be irresponsible and excessively.

Without a new reason Obama is not a “green light” will give to Israeli nuclear strike against Iran, and not get involved too.

The Iranian religious and political leadership will also provide any new event!

It is therefore with certainty to any nuclear strike, and thus is also a
Third World War I not take place!

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf E2% 80% 9Edritter-world war-3 /

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