Jesus and the lie of not taken place “Ascension”!

The “Ascension” was written by the Roman Catholic Church “invented” the question of what Jesus did for his undisputed “resurrection” to escape it.

God created Adam with his son about 13,000 years ago and to be involved in numerous rebirths (reincarnations) as Abraham, Moses and Jesus, social and humanistic. Since Jesus had after his undisputed “resurrection” of the Orthodox Jewish enough, he left Jerusalem and traveled over the Silk Road to India. 

There he lived under the name Yuz Asaf, what translated means Jesus Christ, and taught in Islam and Buddhism. See

He then died well over 100 years old and was buried in Srinagar, Kashmir. The grave is still guarded by the Ahmadis.

Thus, Jesus was the true “founder” of the Ahmadis, a lush temperate Islamist group, which rejects any kind of violence strictly. See

He taught and “refreshed” the teachings of the 1st Buddha Siddhartha Gautama interpreted to them in the new time and supplemented them. For the Buddhists, he is the 5th Buddha. See

This would conceal the Roman Catholic Church under all circumstances and therefore invented an “end in Jerusalem” with the “not taken place the Ascension.”

And more information:

I want to ask me how the Christian churches of this “biggest lie about” explain the Christian faith!

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf


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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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