Theological interpretations of the Apocalypse.

Dispensationalism, Millennialism, Millenarianism, and Post-Premillennialism and Amillennialism

What exactly will happen at the end of the world?

Fundamentalist Christians in America believe that the book of Revelation describes a time schedule, such as gaining God’s kingdom on earth figure. These include the so-called Dispensionalists radio preacher Harold Camping, the beginning of the end times has been calculated for last Saturday. He was wrong.

Would have for camping on 21 May the end with the Rapture of believers began. The rapture would have – set in motion a sequence of events that would have initially led to a time of trouble for everybody else – to the understanding of faith from Camping. It would be the second coming of Christ followed, then a thousand-year God’s Kingdom had been established on earth and in the end it would come to the Last Judgement.

Eschatological understanding of the Bible in U.S. widespread

Of Dispensationalism, which attaches Harold Camping is one in the U.S. among evangelicals and fundamentalists are strong common belief and understanding of the Bible. Basically, the view that God’s history with humanity is taking place in different eras and for each era of salvation history certain “dispensations”, or “households” or God’s mercies. For dispensationalists is therefore in the interpretation of the Bible, the Bible, salvation-historical position of a section of vital importance.

The idea that the story of salvation takes place in familiar eras, the Church Fathers. Particularly well known is the division of history into seven ages of the world in St. Augustine.

The modern Dispensationalism goes to John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) back. He was originally a priest of the Anglican Church in Ireland, turned but then the brothers movement, the Plymouth Brethren, too.
The Book of Revelation – also called the Apocalypse of John – are the dispensationalists a plan for the timing of the end times. Through extensive travels in the U.S. were Darby’s ideas known. They spread particularly through the study of Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Bible, which is now under the name “Scofield Bible” among the most widely used study Bibles in the United States. In their observations Darby’s Dispensationalism is further developed and systematized.

Millennial kingdom on earth

Of Dispensationalism is a particular form of millennialism. The name is the Latin term for 1,000 years – millennium – is based. The Christian millennialism refers to the coming of the Revelation of John notion that Jesus Christ at the beginning of the end times will establish a millennial kingdom (Revelation 20:1-6). Followers of millennialism assume that the book of Revelation is to be taken literally and that the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth is achieved even before the world goes by.

In the early Church view these beliefs over time, was condemned as millenarianism, although church fathers like Tertullian adhered to these teachings.

Depending on the interpretation of the Bible is a somewhat different time sequence of end times is the modern Millennialism.In Premillennialism, it is believed, is the second coming of Christ before (“pre”) the millennial kingdom.

This contest and the Post-Amillennialism, the second coming of Christ after the millennial reign or separat seen of him.

For the Dispensationalists – they depend on a particular form of Premillennialism – this gives this series the end times:
Rapture of believers, a time of tribulation, second coming of Christ, a thousand-year Reich and the Last Judgement – only then is the end to end.

Interpreted correctly so the “end times” with the beginning of “Apocalypse,” the second coming of “Jesus” and the beginning of the “kingdom of God.”

Not really a thousand years is a limited new era, but it will continue until the end of everything.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer!/AdamKadmonRalf


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