20 characters, which point to an economic apocalypse in 2012


If you thought that the year 2011 would be a bad year for the world economy, then you hang on until 2012!  The U.S. and Europe have to deal with unforeseen problems, debt, financial markets fluctuate,  savings  programs have been uniformly applied through out the world, rising food prices and consumers already chattering with fear of teeth.

Many analysts fear that a huge storm brewing and we face an economic apocalypse in 2012. Hopefully not! I hope that our governments be able to keep the global economy from collapse, but at the moment it looks unlikely. After a period of relative stability beginning  to rumble again on everything. The next financial shock can literally happen at any moment. And sadly, it will not be rich but the poor, the unemployed, the homeless and the hungry who are suffering among the most.

Here are the 20 signs of a looming global economic collapse:

1st In 2008 it was due to high food price riots around the world – and now the cost has risen by another 33% compared with July of last year ..

2nd  The consumer index rose in the last three months in the U.S. by at least 7% .

3rd  The U.S. “poverty index” (unemployed and inflation) is as high as 28 years ago and many believe that he is still growing.

4th  Jared Bernstein, former Chief Economist at U.S. Vice President Joe Biden claimed that the unemployment rate will not fall before the 2012 elections less than 8%. At best, it remains at 8.5%.

5th  The jobs of the working class disappearing in the United States in alarming depths. In 1967, 97% of high school graduates 30-50 years of a job. Today there are around 76%.

6th There are several indications that the U.S. economy is slowing growth. Pre-orders for Christmas gifts this year from China for example, are clearly in decline.

7th  A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 U.S. citizens do not expect that their wages will be enough next year to cover the rising cost of living and petrol costs.

8th  The confidence of U.S. citizens is as low as never before in 30 years.

9th  Approximately 45.8 million Americans – a new record – lives on food stamps. It is almost inconceivable that the largest economy in the world has such a number of needy.

10th  If there’s a rustling in the economy, does this also on society. The upsurge in petty crime in America is one example.

11th  Many Americans already steal everything they can get their hands on. According to the American Kennel Club, the theft of dogs this year rose to 32%.

12th   Small enterprises are currently in the U.S. approach is difficult to loans, the U.S. central bank would not pay the loans from banks, maybe things would be different.

13th  The U.S. national debt is a huge burden on its economy, and they continue to grow. At the moment the debt is $ 14,592,242,215,641.90. Since the inauguration of Obama’s pile grew by 4 trillion. S & P already crossed the U.S. from its list of AAA and other gradations are to be feared, unless a miracle happens.

14th  The tensions between the U.S. and China to strengthen again .. There are the two largest economies in the world, therefore these countries are inconsistencies between a direct threat to the rest of the country.

15th  Most state and local governments in the U.S. are heavily in debt and broke. They decimate jobs in feverish pace. Since August 2008, more than half a million jobs have been deleted. UBS Investment Research said that state and local governments to emphasize more in the U.S. 450,000 jobs by 2012.

16th  The U.S. dollar continues to weaken, the demand for a new world currency which will replace the dollar as reserve currency, is louder.

17th  The European debt crisis will continue to deteriorate.Countries such as Portugal, Italy and Greece are on the brink of economic apocalypse. All the financial problems in Europe are just the beginning … There are all kinds of signs that the economy is slowing in Europe and moving towards a recession.

18th  The U.S. central bank (FED) is not able to bring some stability to the financial markets, interest rates will remain until mid-2013 at almost 0%. The Fed is currently on “panic mode”, the ammunition ran out long ago.

19th   Central banks around the globe are preparing for something before.  The World Gold Council to follow them in the first half of  2011 have bought more gold  than in all previous years.

20th  Often affects the perception of reality. Another recent study shows that 48% of Americans believe the probability of a major depression over the next 12 months. If people expect a depression and stop spending money, so they in turn again increase the probability of an economic downturn.

In America there are already large, the financial crisis triggered by suffering, but it is unfortunately even worse in 2012.

The once mighty economic machine, built by our forefathers, breaks apart around us, and we’re up to their necks in debt. The economic consequences of bad decisions attributed mainly to the shoulders of the socially weak.
Many formerly belonging to the American middle class strata of the population already living in their cars or sleep already on the road.
And more and more people will join them.


Ralf Guenther

Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer





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