Drugs in Thailand:

Racha Terat, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Interior Ministry, spoke at a seminar on combating drug trafficking, the provincial governors of 1360, local leaders and other officials from 14 southern provinces were visited.

He said:

The law would have to be strictly enforced to protect children from drugs.

Adul Saengsingkaew, chief of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), said:

Just in January 2012 120.000 suspects for drug offenses and 16 million tablets were Yabaa, crystal methamphetamine seized 600 kg, 300 kg of heroin and 4,000 kg of marijuana.

The police have also seized the assets of some 1,500 suspects in the total value of 600 million baht.

In the past year for their role in drug trafficking criminal charges against 92 police officers and paid out against 133 disciplinary actions.

The Khao Bin prison in Nakhon Ratchasima has received a phone signal jammers to prevent the communication of inmates after ca.2.000 mobile phones and drugs were found in the prison.

The new Government has the fight against drug trafficking and corruption in the written specifications.

Ralf Guenther says:

The figures show over it clear that the problems can be found not only with the enforcement of strict laws in Thailand, including the death penalty is a solution.

It does this “concerted” action, which are in the “drug users” set and seen specific way.

I myself can visit last year, a “drug-camp” in the area of fishing, near the Myanmar border in northern Thailand. There were treatments carried out at most locations, the opium-addicted again to re-socialize. It was mainly about the group is farmers.

The therapist gave themselves extraordinarily much effort with the inmates and tried “loving” to interact with these different programs. In the short time in which I spent in that of military strictly guarded facility, I can gain a positive impression.

Based on my experience, but is likely to be sustainable success is rather low.

As mentioned at the outset, it was most locations by farmers from the Northeast of Thailand. The poor living conditions of these people support separatist “entry” to the drugs and let these people for a short time with the consumption forget their troubles.

So do these inmates back home, they will not find altered situation, and often even worse than before. The “holiday” in the drug-camp and the good advices are soon forgotten and then re-entry is inevitable.

A lasting solution can be seen only by fighting the “root of evil” of poverty and hopelessness in their lives. The social and economic conditions of these people must be improved and thus results in an “automation” all on their own sustainability.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer
https://twitter.com/ # / AdamKadmonRalf

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