How it looks in the hell?

Many wonder in all religions, how will it look like in hell.

I want this “secret” now pedal applied.

The truth about the hell (4th Dimension) is the following:

The souls of the dead come after death in this
4th Dimension.

However, affects only the souls of the dead have turned away from God and actively turned to Satan.

Failure to follow the 10 commandments of God does not lead automatically to the fact that these souls go to hell.

However, there are people who have no soul! These people die like the animals and have no immortality.

The 4th Dimension, so the hell is a “nothing”.

One has to understand this imagine a dark room, such as abasement. In this room is now the soul and must remain there for all eternity. If we now imagine to have to spend in a dark room without light for hours, days, weeks, months, years, and for all eternity without hope, so everyone should be aware that a larger penalty is hard to imagine.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf


About jesuschristusmessias

Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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