Avian influenza H5-N1 in all of Asia out of control!


Taiwan 27th December 2011
The H5N1 bird flu was found on a chicken farm in Changhua.
A culling of the total stock was obviously not take place!

On 7 February 2012 it was then found in Tainan.
It is not known how many sick animals in the trade have fallen.
57,500 chickens were infected. However, poultry products worth U.S. $ 23’760’000 were exported!

On 3 March 2012, more than 2 months after the first outbreak said the new office, it would be the World Organization (WHO) reported during the day would be finally
H5N1 for humans not contagious!.

Hanoi 9th January 2012  The Department of Animal Health in Vietnam has warned that without drastic preventive measures will be an outbreak of bird flu is no longer controllable. Bird flu broke in four communities in three provinces of Quang Tri and Dena, Thanh Ho and Soc Trang aus. 1’700 chickens were slaughtered not in the last few weeks and now more than 4’000 new chickens and ducks, said the deputy director Pham Van Dong at a meeting of the Steering Committee for Avian Influenza of the Health Ministry. Diseased poultry was also found in other places such as Nghe, Bac Lieu, Kien Giang, Hanoi and Thai Nguyen. For these areas, even poultry is exported to Thailand. At the bird flu so far two people in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta are suffering.
The Ministry of Health has warned of a large and uncontrollable outbreak of bird flu in the other three provinces of Soc Trang and Kien Giang.

It was found a mutation of the H5N1 virus in the northern part of the region in which the existing drugs do not provide protection.

Special measures were needed against the spread of the mutant strain, warned Hoang Van Nam, director of the department of animal health.

The ministry has asked the organizations concerned new drugs to keep at your disposal. or to develop new effective to replace the previous ones. The health official of the province of Soc Trang has reported that the mother died of a newborn baby which a mutant strain of the H5N1 virus had infected. The test for H5N1 was negative.

Ralf Guenther said:

So it can now be assumed that the H5N1 virus mutates and now has a dangerous power. There are no reliable manner in which the virus infected animal to human.

We remember: The H5N2 virus is not directly dangerous to human life. However, the H5N1 virus is highly contagious and dangerous for people with a death rate of about 80%. So far, however, no hard evidence that is capable of transmitting the virus from person to person. Another mutation of the H5N1 could for fear dwindling “killer virus” lead!

Nepal  9th January 2012
When a new outbreak of bird flu have died in India 28 000 chickens. Around 350,000 poultry in the affected state of West Bengal must now be killed as a precaution, said the regional government had hoped confirmed the suspicion that it is the causative agent for the dangerous H5N1 virus for humans. The channel NDTV reported. Specialists working in the region in order to stop further spread of this disease. In the south-east Nepal `s the first time since 2009, again broke out the H5N1 virus in chickens. Samples were sent to a laboratory in London. Affected are the regions Khanar, Ithari, Sunsari, Ilam and Panchathar, known for its tea production. So far, more than 4,000 chickens were killed. Although some people report symptoms, but up to this hour is the transmission from person to person is not proved.

Myanmar (Burma) 29th February 2012
Highly pathogenic avian influenza has struck in Chaung U township, Myanmar.
5 – and 18-month-old laying hens in two institutions, were affected with a total of 1,060 chickens. A few chickens were on 20 February 2012 found dead. A total of 61 chickens died within 4 days. There are 40,000 farms in 139 affected chickens in Chaung. All are layer-and broiler chickens of different ages. A culling of the entire portfolio was not carried out!

China 1th March 2012
3 dead in Cheung Chau birds on the roof of a factory were found.

Bangladesh 10th March 2012
Bird flu has hit six poultry markets in the capital. In the past 15 days, three people came from one of the markets with the flu, which is not contagious!?

We remember the message from Cambodia:

New bird flu death in Cambodia

In Cambodia, there has been a new death from bird flu. According to the Cambodian Ministry of Health is a 5-year-old girl from the province of Prey Veng. Laboratory tests have proven to be infected with the avian influenza virus H5N1.

The girl fell ill on 11 April and was initially treated by a local general practitioner, but without success. Two days later, the 5-year-old was hospitalized in the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital. There she died despite intensive medical measures on 16 April its bird flu infection.

According to the authorities are reports that it had in the locality where the girl lived, may have died in poultry. Of 53 persons who had contact with the girl, samples were taken. They are currently being tested in the laboratory of the National Institute of Public Health.

This year there have been five confirmed bird flu in Cambodia infections in humans. In all cases, the disease was fatal. In 4 of the victims are children. Mam Bun Heng said health minister, compared to last year, have there been in the current year, more cases of H5N1 and children seemed to be most at risk. He called on parents and guardians to keep children from sick or dead poultry.

With the most recent case, the number of H5N1 infections in Cambodia to a total of 15th 13 patients died of bird flu.

Source: WHO AFP

Ralf Guenther said:

However, concern is the fact that the population in Asia, nourishes the meat consumption to 90% of poultry meat and to prevent the media not to panic or only partially informed.

Especially China, from which comes the bird flu information, and if not then only very hesitantly. About the true extent of the long since out of control pandemic is not reported!

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer
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