42 million people to flee in 2010 and 2011 against natural disasters


2010 and 2011 natural disasters forced the Asia-Pacific region, many people in the escape / result of climate change.

Climate change brings to a study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), more and more people to flee. Storms, floods, heat waves and cold weather have in the Asia-Pacific region over the past two years 42 million people temporarily displaced, it is said in a report now presented by the development organization.

High up in Thailand’s north, once again burned the bush fires. The smog disturbed the air traffic, the government was considering, children and sick people from the area around the tourist center of Chiang Rai moved with care. 

At the “Golden Triangle” where Thailand, Burma and Laos collide, it burns each spring when the farmers to end their harvested rice fields. As bad as this year it was rare. But only as tourists had canceled their flights in droves and hotel bookings canceled, the government banned the fires.

The self-inflicted environmental disaster in Thailand’s north is not an isolated case. Whether in Cambodia, Burma, Laos and China in particular – again and again it comes to human-induced environmental destruction. But that’s not every disaster of the past two years was “homemade”. 

Most disasters, the ADB report, were consequences of climate change is affected by the Asian stronger than all the other parts of the world. Six of the most severely threatened countries are, according to ADB in the Asia-Pacific region: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Burma. Even Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, it is not much better. One third of humanity lives on this most populous region in the world, according to the ADB in high-risk areas. 

Bindu Lohani, ADB Vice-Chief, who is fighting for years for a sustainable development gave the alarm, as he presented the study:

Governments should not hesitate longer. Now they could limit the risks and still repressing the currents of the disaster refugees. Lohani, however, left no doubt that the fight against the expensive consequences of climate change than previously thought:

Only the states in the Asia-Pacific region would raise $ 40 billion annually in 2050 dollars, if they want to implement a sustainable future concept.

In the years 2009 and 2010 were, however, the world only about 4.4 billion U.S. dollars have been applied.

Ralf Guenther
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