Threatens nuclear strike against Iran?

The Ultra-Orthodox in Israel and the Conservatives, who have the want to say, for years and destroy the missile site is now the new nuclear facilities in Iran because they feel threatened.

This mighty Jews who have a broad support among conservatives in the Obama administration to support this policy.

Obama can be, even though he sees it differently personally, unable to resist the pressure of this “powerful” in the background and would be if Iran provides yet another reason to tolerate such blocking or obstruction of the waterway, a nuclear strike by Israel.

The leaders of Iran, however, provide no further occasion. The threats concerning the boat traffic was not too serious, but “Dialer” for the reelection of the president. How close the election was decided then and is now known.

It is for this reason, at any “nuclear strike” the devastating consequences come for the entire Arab world, Islam, and not least for the western world would have.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf



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