Unbelievable but true!

Alone in Europe and North America (United States) are thrown away thousands of tons of edible food, and absolutely flawless and “destroyed”!

Reasons for this are mainly:

Over-production – these are among the current planning possibilities introduced early to identify and pursue alternative methods (freezing, Preserved in cans and much more)

Non-optimal appearance – agricultural products, which in size and shape, or appearance, not the ideal match can easily than 2 or 3 Sold at a cheaper price or choice also leads a used otherwise.

Expired-before dates – The sell-by dates are set by the manufacturer and meet virtually any case in compliance with the prescribed storage expiration date. Far beyond this date can be for those foods freshness guarantee be granted. At doses (cans) that is absolutely extreme. Frozen and canned food in months or years to keep longer than indicated on the packaging!

40,000 people die of hunger every day, because they have too little or nothing to eat!

1/3 of discarded and destroyed food would be enough to adequately nourish them all.

I am aware that we can not for example, an over-production of fresh tomatoes in Europe to carry the “Horn of Africa.”

For better coordinated production, their distribution and realistic use-by dates, a more conscious purchasing / supply position of households easily get myself at least 1/3 of this incredibly large amount of nutrition. 

The money saved would be enough for all the millions of hungry people to feed the world.

Not to be forgotten, that the destruction of the food is expensive!

The consumer thus financed his purchase price for the food, the costs for the disposal of.

By “reason” would on the one hand, the food cheaper and also there would be no “starving people” more in this world!

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer




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