The prophet and visionary Ralf Guenther informed:

The Prophet Ralf Guenther informed:

THURSDAY 8 March 2012

When and where we can expect the turning point, which the Mayans calculated with the year 2012?

The apocalypse has been mentioned several times and even credible by various prophets in their prophecies.

First I would like to point out the importance of the often misunderstood word. Apocalypse comes from the Greek and is not to say the world was going, but “unveiling”, ie the end of the old days and the beginning of modern times and describes the end times and the apocalypse time.

So will also define the concept of end times, the time which is before this new era. In the end, the apocalypse, the beginning of Kabbalah, a Jewish secret doctrine that is taught but not exclusively by the Jews, and only after the 40th Age must be studied, announced as follows:

Parts of it by 2009 by seven and the result again 7th The result is reversed so 41 14 = 2 x 7 No other year can repeat that. Conclusion: The apocalypse time began 2010th

Coming back to the prophecy (Revelation of John) a statement of understanding is required. From the former perspective have now enumerated events, which are to be found in the apocalyptic year away. But you have now, if you want to understand the statements that interpret our time.

So what happened this year, essential and what is actually happening already?

First Disasters worldwide
Second Pandemic worldwide
Third Worldwide financial crash
4th Beginning of new era

Disasters, we have since the beginning of 2010 the world in many different way to satisfy and an intensity without comparisons in living memory.

Then comes the pandemic. It’s a flu (H5N4 and new mutations), which come from Asia (China, Vietnam, Cambodia) and kill 60-80% of those infected globally.

There are no effective drugs, vaccines, and let an insufficient mouth guard. Small children can not be protected.

The incubation period is 10 days to 2 weeks so that it can be determined only with the rise of the fever, the flu infection.

Quarantine measures are therefore not possible.

This leads to a complete breakdown of traffic problems with supplying the population with food, uninhabitable by air-conditioned high-rise buildings with central air conditioning systems, etc. ….

 A horror idea, which is beyond the scope of the imagination.

The financial crash is triggered by a collapse of the dollar and thus the collapse of world trade.

The causative reasons are as follows:

Weak U.S. economy. Rising unemployment figures. Billions of undeclared dollars printed, which were put into circulation and not even the paper they are printed on the value and the tension between the U.S. and China.

We are China with its huge foreign exchange resources in Europe and focus the euro, its gold holdings significantly raise the dollar and reduce step by step stocks are possible. Non-degradable, however, are the high levels of the Chinese in American government bonds.

China would have the government bonds in the past brought to the market, such a course would be falling down the dollar and knock-on effects have been the result and what caused the crash. However, China will not take over the responsibility for it. China fights with “home-made” problems such as disproportionate grove inflation. About sinking export training and eating some more. A long-overdue appreciation of the Yuan would dramatically exacerbate the situation and tries to avoid at all costs. In addition, the EURO-crisis, which will be terminated only with the exclusion of Greece monetary and “disengagement” from the currency system. See my blog on this topic here.

The Federal Reserve (Fed) has new “manipulations” of the “dollar crash” can prevent so far.
Already been for quite some evidence indicates that. Thus, the various national banks bought tons of gold and paid with dollar currency. This led to the rising gold price and the inner (invisible) value of the dollar to fall further. Since the dollar is also the “world economic currency” is to allow professionals to determine s actual value of the dollar not because he is “artificially” maintained at a high level.

The “official” start of the pandemic will cause a collapse in world trade with almost unimaginable consequences and has long been overdue “dollar crash” trigger.

All currencies that are closely linked to the dollar, or intervened by supporting purchases in dollars will lose a lot of money and some are also pushed in or on the brink of bankruptcy.

As the world’s trade is conducted in dollars, a “chaos in the financial market” is created. Existing orders can not be performed for non-payment option with global consequences.

Then comes the new era. The expected Messiah of the Christians, the Mahdi of the Islamists, the Mashiach for the Jews, the Maitraya for the Buddhists, the Mansour Fasileh for the Hindus or  the “world’s innovator” are one and the same person. She has been physically on the ground and with the power of God and will then help the people and imploring them to lead a new era.

The profile of Messiah is defined as “Adam Kadmon”.

Ralf Günther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer



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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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