Organic products in Thailand

I visit Thailand now more than 20 years and know this land, from north to south and up the east to  west.

I love Thai food and spicy seasoned cook itself too happy. I buy on the market of fresh fruit and vegetables and even meat and fish.

Especially notable was the last time in that all these foods look perfect and obviously not “damage chieftains” are affected.

During my travels in the country ever more often now I see the farmers who spray their fields and submit the fruit trees with fire fighting edlings and that scares me!

Our “Creator” has created a perfect world and our ecosystem. Each intervention is associated with consequences and altered this perfect ecosystem and, unfortunately, often to the detriment.

Especially the use of “genetically modified seeds,” which better yields and resistance to fungus and pests warrants changed this ecosystem.

Only through extensive and longtime research about the ecology can be confirmed that this “tampering” with the genes without serious consequences.

This long-term research has not taken place and that is dangerous in the highest degree!

The same applies to the use of “fertilizer” to increase earnings and “toxins” to fungus and pests.

The manufacturers give their products a statement like the products must be used and in what relationship they are then mixed with water.

I have my big doubts that all farmers can observe the necessary blending of ingredients properly and then sprinkle in the correct dosage.

Incorrect application results in additional problems further. These toxins are partially even after several washes still on or in the fruit or vegetable and eaten.

Our body makes its own poisons  (Adrealin, stomach acids, etc.) here and they are for the organism does not cause damage but necessary.

Supplied to other poisons or gases from the air but for the people can be harmful. Consequences can be outbreak of diseases such as cancer or allergies.

Since the consumer scan the class and can not even begin with “organic” designated products often are not 100% natural, can only be permanent controls and severe penalties for offenses committed by the competent authorities (Office of Health accounting or other) and the police to ensure be that the foods do not contain toxic substances.

Again, I have my big doubts that analyzes and regular inspections are carried out in Thailand.


So if I now see the perfect fruits and vegetables, is a concern in my thoughts and I hope that this can now understand the reader and makes thoughtful.

Ralf Guenther

Prophet, visionary, consulter and writer


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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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