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The Bank of Thailand is fighting against the finance minister to the Thai Baht

Bank of Thailand  – A war has broken out between the Treasury and the Bank of Thailand. – Kittiratt Na Ranong, the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister loses increasingly impatient with Dr Prasarn Trairatvorakul, the Bank of Thailand governor. The … Continue reading

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Doi Saket and Buddha no. 1

Buddha No. 1 in Doi Saket taught the ThaiKing! – Today, unfortunately, we forget that about 2,500 years before the first Buddha Siddhartha Gautama on his journey from Nepal over China and now Myanmar (Burma), through Laos, where he crossed the Mekong River in Vientiane and pilgrimage along the Mekong to Cambodia. – In Angkor was at this time already an important Hindu temple. Today it is the largest Buddhist temple in Asia. – In Doi Saket, the former seat of the Thai king, he taught the commandments of God, reaching a rethinking of his time embroiled in many wars Thais. – Chiangmai existed at that … Continue reading

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Europe runs out of time!

Rapid action is required! – Europe now has not much time to “bankrupt” EU Member States to exclude currency moderately and concentrate on the “cornerstone” countries, like Italy and Spain. – The faster this exclusion with the consequences of excessive … Continue reading

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Europa laeuft die Zeit davon!

Schnelles Handeln ist gefordert! – Europa hat nun nicht mehr viel Zeit um “bankrotte” EU-Mitgliedstaaten waehrungsmaessig auszugrenzen und sich auf die “Eckpfeiler”-Staaten, wie Italien und Spanien zu konzentrieren.  – Je schneller diese waehrungsmaessige Ausgrenzung mit den Konsequenzen nicht mehr aus … Continue reading

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Precautions during consumption of poultry products

As in Asia of the “avian influenza” or non-infected herds “culled” only partially, and not the type of transmission to humans is firmly secured are appropriate precautions. – From eating cooked poultry products not by any way, I advise against it. – So also of grilled products for which it is not certain that enough to have penetrated into the bone, the heat was to completely kill all viruses. – Ralf Guenther Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer # / AdamKadmonRalf https://jesuschristusmessias.wordpress.com

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Jesus and the lie of not taken place “Ascension”!

The “Ascension” was written by the Roman Catholic Church “invented” the question of what Jesus did for his undisputed “resurrection” to escape it. – God created Adam with his son about 13,000 years ago and to be involved in numerous … Continue reading

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Jesus coordinator no. 1

Jesus, like no other prophet  was  recognized by  the world  religions! Jesus (Yuz Asaf) *  the  coordinator among  the  world  religions! – Jesus as a prophet was before and after him, recognized by  world  religions! – The Christian religions as a prophet and Son of God The Islamic religions but only as a prophet The Buddhist religions as 5th ”Reincarnation of Buddha”(bodhisattva) The Jewish recognition is indirect statements about  the Kaduri  ”Jesus” … Continue reading

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