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Is God a man or woman, and where he lives?

Is God a man or woman, and where he lives? A question unanswered for thousands of years and could beexplained merely philosophical. – I will now reveal the “secret”! – We have 7 dimensions, 3 on the earth, 3 skys and the 7th Dimension outside our universe, lives in which God the Almighty. – God is a bodiless “plasma energy beings” and nourishes itself by supplying unimaginable amounts of energy, which he harvestsfrom … Continue reading

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Each Pope’s trip will cost millions!

Each Pope’s trip will cost millions! – Day by day 40,000 people starve and die than 5,000 children,because they have no clean water, not only in the Horn of Africa. – Each Pope’s trip will cost millions that could help these people be helped. – Specifically, the “Catholic Church” preaches brotherly love, sacrifice and solidarity. – Millions of tax dollars every day are “flushed” into the coffers of the churches. Revenue consists not … Continue reading

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Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God? Many Christians believe Jesus was with God, or to equatehimself to God you pray to him, tell him their concerns and askhim for help. – This is misunderstood! – Jesus, in one of his many incarnations since Adam is the only son of God on earth. – Only with his final rebirth as Messiah, God will unite with him. – The profile is described as “Adam Kadmon”and he will be in thislife now “immortal”. He is and remains a human (Homo sapiens) and is not infallible. – But even in this life he is not God. It is therefore not to pray to him, even to thank him for it oranything to ask something. He can not hear you. – But to hear God, the Almighty is capable … Continue reading

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Common State of Israel and Palestine

Common State of Israel and Palestine As I have already written in my book, years ago, there is only onesustainable solution to the conflict between the Israelis and thePalestinians. – Recognising the current manifestation Obama’s courageous on the boundaries of the State of Palestine before the war holds,not for the Israelis in the two azeptabele circumstances. – 1. The Israelis have occupied outside of the controversial newsettlements and the Golan Heights. – 2. The question of “Jerusalem” is yet unknown. – For this reason, such a solution is for the Israelis not to imagine. – The only sustainable, so in the future conceivable solution -which will come too! – is in one state, “Palestine, ” living togetherin which the Israelis and the Palestinians. … Continue reading

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What happen next in the Arab world?

Ralf Guenther said … – What happens next in the Arab world? The clever “kings” or “Caliph” in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco, including in Malaysia to try the  ”conflagration” of their country would also collect, reside with countermeasures. – They promise the “lawless” population reforms, participationrights, better living conditions, etc. – All these measures are the rulers in these systems only provide a little more time. – The population now wants more say, … Continue reading

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Sunnis and Shiites

  Sunnis and Shiites A very complex subject which I want to make a simple way. The Sunnis are the largest group in Islam and are found in all Arab countries and around the world. They follow a “caliph” system. So … Continue reading

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End Times, apocalypse and doomsday misunderstood!

End Times, apocalypse and doomsday misunderstood! The end defines the time before the “New Age”. The end began with the announcement in Kabbalistic 2009 (2009:7 = 287:7 = 41 (14 reversed = 2×7). – Thus began the period 2010 apocalypse world with un told disasters and will end in late 2012. – First, however, arrive, the dollar crash and are triggered by the EURO- crisis.  – Cause the crash, the Chinese also myself, hold at the moment back and wait for what happens to the EURO. … Continue reading

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