The Swiss National Bank is now fully in the “Currency poker” integrated!

The Swiss National Bank is now fully in the “Currency poker” integrated!

The days of “acting out” are finally over. It is limited only to “react”.

On 6 September 2011 by coupling guided at a price of 1.20 Swiss Francs for 1 Euro has led to a crash course of about 8%.

What happens next?

Instead of cursing the currency is Swiss francs in the curb, is now bigger by the “cheap Franks” the interest of investors rather than smaller.

Which alternative is the Swiss National Bank to counter it yet?

There are only two alternatives:

1st The reintroduction of negative interest rates for foreign investors.
2nd The task of the national currency and the introduction of the euro.

Subsidies, export subsidies, Cheap loans, guarantees and other measures which can also be possible, but no permanent solution to the overall economy because they can only act selectively.

Less interest will not prevent investors, however, continue to invest in Swiss francs because they realize that this currency is undervalued and an “effective” loss of value, as this will be the case in other currencies, fails.

The task of the Swiss franc as its national currency will then find for speakers in Switzerland, if the problem of “debt brake” is solved in the EU and is for Greece and other “wobble candidates” paves the way back currency to their country and in the case of Greece completed successfully, without membership in the EU is lost.

Ralf Guenther, prophet, visionary, consultant and writer


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