HN-5N1 is ready in phase 4

How long can the WHO (World Health Organization) nor conceal that avian influenza (HN-5N1) is already in phase 4, so the virus has already mutated and can be transferred from person to person?

My prophecy concerning a coming pandemic is now more than 10 years old.

In the now almost entirely in Asia, established new mutation, which however should not be transferable from person to person (?) Kills more than half of infected people.

In recent months the issue of “bird flu” in the media has been almost forgotten. The “swine flu”, a relatively harmless flu (influenza), came to the fore.

With the fear of vaccines have been earned and billions will have expired and have to dispose of.

A vaccine for the population lacks the absolutely lethal flu.
60 – 80% of those infected will die.

Drugs for Infected already does not exist!

Immuno-compromised persons, ie older and sick people, children, and HIV-Infected Hephatitis and others have little chance to survive.

Worldwide through the culling of millions of poultry has already been creating an additional economic loss of over 30 billion euros and it will not stop there!

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer


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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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