The stability of the euro can be saved!

The stability of the euro can be saved!

The debt countries have run the economy since the introduction of the euro is a failure and piled a mountain of debt should not be rewarded with a bailout at the expense of the successful and bankruptcy saved.

Countries such as Greece, which its accession into the EU of “manipulated economic numbers”

Have achieved, now have to show their colors.
The still “strong euro” would result in “soft” and his survival chances I would classify as minor.

Euro-Bond would virtually the entire old and new debt are distributed to all Europeans. Only a “debt brake”, which first had to be decided yet, might limit this. It does not change the height of the debt already incurred.

Weak export countries and here in particular, Greece was mentioned, will not receive the accrued debt burden under control.
There is only one alternative for existing and future EU countries.
The countries that their finances are not in the medium term (5 years maximum) to compensate for their household may need to back their old national currencies and the euro as a second can Currency maintained. Once your budget is back in order you can get back into full membership.
New accession countries on the other hand should only be allowed to bring the euro currency as a new country if they can present balanced budgets and verifiable figures.

All euro countries, which their debts can not get a grip on the medium term need for a sustainable solution and the stability of the euro back to its old currency, and indeed until the conditions is for a “full membership €” played .

During this time, these countries can easily work with two currencies. As an example I would like to call Cambodia. The ATMs can only work with U.S. dollars, during which everything else in the Landeswaehrung be handled.

This will strengthen and save the euro, while “kadidaten loose” all others warn that you can not with impunity on the “back” of the successful ones can go into debt!

I would like to point out here on my blog, which I have asked several months ago and now the Internet to current events once again publishing.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer


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