Libya would be the interest in the same size, if there was no oil?

Libya would be the interest in the same size, if there was no oil?

The war in Iraq was clearly only with the “oil interests” of Americans.

Although Hussein was staged in a more moderate compared to Gaddafi “Dictator” was. Meanwhile, the amount of petroleum is to promote recovery has reached the state at the time Hussein.

I’m wondering, how should the Arabs believe in a true loyalties of the West (the unbelievers), if such economic interests are always in the foreground?

The “private funds” Gaddafi is now made quick and validity judgments without the “rebels” or the so-called “transitional council” at your disposal.

I want the “exploitation” of the Libyan people by their dictator and his clan do not defend, however, the funds are in accounts of the dictator or companies, which belong to the dictator.

Under international law prior to release would have been an appropriate method, which confirms that “net worth individuals” here is not that Gaddafi and his family, but dealing with fortune, which face the Libyan people.

To not even have to jump in now to the “gap” and to ensure their own money to finance an interim one was ready very quickly – and not for the first time in history – to circumvent the law.

Remains undisputed that Libya immediately and urgently needed money to restore vital infrastructure.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer


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