Good Speed computer company in PANTIP-Plaza (Computer City), Night Bazaar Computer problems in Chiangmai?


I am a writer living in Chiang Mai and had a problem with my computer. I could not restart Windows and the system required the installation CD I could not find.
I went to the aforementioned company and explained my problem and asked if it the installation CD for this required of me would have Windows version. The manager and owner said yes that. I wanted to buy the CD or borrow against collateral. The manager told me he would come to me in my guest house and the set in order. He came after the close of business. I saw no window CD. He went to my second Internet, which I have on a laptop. When I asked what he was doing with my laptop, he told me that he would have to download applications from the Internet. He could not start my computer even though he manipulated two hours on my laptop. The next morning he wanted to come back. He then came and told me he would take my computer into the shop and bring back in today. He came and then I realized that he no longer my Windows version, but had recorded another and noted that many data, including all the favorites from Explorer and Google Chrome with hundreds of irreplaceable information about Internet sites and other important files were deleted. He ought to have before me inform and obtain my consent. When I did an inventory on my computer, I found that a “hacker” program and other programs were installed that were not on my computer. When I searched through my laptop,
I found that other programs were also installed additionally had absolutely nothing to do with resolving my problem too. It installed without my knowledge and without my consent special programs with which he was able to log on outside of my computer.

Just recently found a lot more and take daily credit card fraud. It is relatively easy for a computer specialist to copy on a blank card and bank information on the ATM to withdraw money transfer, or with the fake credit cards to purchase goods (VISA and others). Many foreigners now make their electronic bank transfers from home or on the road via the Internet. In general, these data in the computer available for the swindler and an easy game.

Installing these programs are installed without my knowledge and without my permission in my computer is a criminal offense. I know at least one associated criminal energy on the part of the owner and manager.

I would like to inform this reason, the computer shops in this shopping center and the managers of hotels surrounding these dubious machinations, and they warn that no damage occurs to their customers.

Ralf Guenther, writer,
Email: ralf.guenther.chiangmai @,
Web: Ralf Guenther Chiangmai,,

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