The killer virus (bird flu) is approaching quickly!

Tuesday 10 May 2011

International Conference on Avian Influenza in Geneva.

About 500 representatives of international organizations, governments and pharmaceutical companies work since Monday, 7 November in Geneva, a global strategy to combat bird flu.
The three-day conference is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Bank, told the news agency SDA. This flu coming, even in humans, said WHO Director Lee Jong-wook at the opening of the conference. They did not know when the H5N1 virus from person to person will be transferable.

But you know that it will happen.

“We are not ready,” warned the WHO in charge.

The aim of the meeting for the WHO is to develop an action plan to combat the disease in animals and to prevent a pandemic in humans. The conference is given to the necessary financial resources. Discussed will include the creation of a global fund modeled after the Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.According to the World Bank, the fund is to collect 300 to 500 million dollars. This should be compensated, especially the poultry farmers and to offer an incentive to improve the sanitary and veterinary services in many countries.

The Swiss delegation will be headed, according to SDA by Gaudenz Silberschmidt, vice director of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). Hans Wyss, director of the Federal Veterinary Office (FVO), as well as representatives of the Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW) and the Directorate for Development and Cooperation (SDC) also participate.

In recent weeks and months virtually nothing about any of the avian flu (H5N1) in the media and can also be found on the Internet.

This new flu that will certainly come, has the potential to wipe out all mankind and is currently in the media no longer worthy line.

This is typical of the planned and manipulated in forming an opinion on the media over and over again I instructions.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer

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