Training, a supplier of ideas and inventions and patents of the inventor and visionary Ralf Guenther


-Basis calculation for DC installations in the building services for schools

Training of physicists, electrical engineers, installers, architects and others for the construction of solar plants in Switzerland and Germany.

Promotion of the first “Tour de Sol” in Switzerland by special courses for the engineers as well as loans and special prices for solar cells, solar modules, batteries, chargers and other services and support during the tour of service with vehicles and provision of repair material.

-The first exhibition of the “Tour de Sol” Solar-electric vehicles in my business house in Muttenz *

Sponsorship for the development of the first solar-powered boat with young engineers, the Engineering School Biel

Inventions and ideas supplier

A) solar field

First in series-produced solar controller with battery charging and discharging its functions and definitions *

First solar-control for house plants *

First-timer for 12 – and 24-volt DC *

First-electronics for starting and FL-PL lamps *

First-DC-timer made in series *

New inverter-type (trapezoidal)

Power inverter to supply 3-phase supply

The first image Solar facade integration in the “INELTEC” in Basel

Image of a solar roof integration

World’s first mobile hydrogen electrolyzer system with solar power at the INELTEC
(The largest trade fair for industrial electronics in Basel)

Definition of the solar battery with liquid electrolyte and bound

Solar-supply of emergency telephones on motorways

Solar-supply of livestock keepers

-Solar power supply of parking meters

Solar-supply gap-filler / Measuring stations

Largest and World’s First Solar-Module with 3.2 KW *

-Largest and world’s first amorphous solar system with a 2.8 KW *

Pictures of the polycrystalline and amorphous solar module, solar batteries and inverters

-First 100 KW solar energy system in Ticino in Switzerland for feeding into the railway network (SBB) *

Image solar plant in Ticino in Switzerland with 100 KW power

First-alpine crossing of a free balloon with a supply-responder with the help of specialized batteries and solar energy (A responder sends a radio signal which can be detected on the radar screens. Otherwise, the balloon would not be seen!)

Development of a solar-powered street lamp

Solar systems distributed plug-in for small systems with simple calculation table for everyone, for the first time on electronics trading (EM Switzerland) *

Picture of my commercial building in Muttenz, Basel-Country

Stand of the BDW AG production in international trade fairs

About the production of accumulators (batteries) for the industry

B) area accumulators (batteries)

Fabrication of batteries for Autophon / Ascom / Bosch for wireless phones,
Radios for police and military. (Figure)

Explosion-proof models for the chemical and munitions factories *

-Charge in cold storage rooms of forklift batteries at 40 ° C

Heater for starter batteries in use at extreme sub-zero temperatures

Independent-invention of a storage battery with a lifetime guarantee of at least 20 years

Production of a water-tight and pressure-resistant battery for the research submarine of Piccard for filming outside of his depth in the submarine.

Seat heating for hunters with rechargeable batteries

C) Other

– Heated ski boot

Cinema hub hand-and solar-powered

Ski goggles with battery-operated windshield wipers

and much more


Drive with two different sized waves (patent CH 677 544 A5)

-Electromagnetic spherical motor (Patent Application No. 1027/07)

Storage time-independent long-life battery

Cosmic rays and earth-shower

A special thanks goes to my former employees, to all free people, electricians, engineers, architects, planners, engineering schools, façade and window fitters, roofers, panel beaters, battery chargers and inverter manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and Holland and many others I was able to run together and motivating for my visions and projects without these individual developments and realizations in the short term would not have been possible.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, inventor, consultant and writer

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