The United States has gone bankrupt long ago – Follows Europe with the euro?

I want to say that no one can capture all these constructions.

The period of “acting out” is long gone!

The ability to act is restricted to only prevent nor appropriate countermeasures for the worst. The traded values are hypothetical and not real respect.

But the banks are apparently still observed by the “rating agencies”. Since it is based on bank details but in the assessment and the banks not only identify “hidden foreseeable risks” is the consequence that all these assessments are not able to grasp the actual situation realistically.

In the case of public companies at all no assessment is possible. Actually, “bankrupt” companies are uncontrolled “overestimated total” acted. This reflects the economy and is actually bad enough.

Now we have the states themselves, who see themselves only able to limit the “new debt”.

Hardly anyone here takes note of any economically-organized operations for more on this practice, “bankrupt” would have to register. In case of negative growth would all collapse at once.

As an example, I would like the income of a family name, for example, 10,000 euros per month. All these families are namely the state. This family is so per month from within not “borrowing” of 5% 10,500 euros. Ie 500 € more coming in as. End of the year so € 6,000. This shortfall is taken up by loans, and can “never” be paid back because we have unterbruchlos shortfalls.Banks identify these “rotten” loans in the company books, but as this “1 credit” because it is indeed government bonds. Now it would have to also the “most sleepy” come a “little lights” and let it be clear to you that nothing is right and he has only to do with “cheating”.

This whole system will collapse soon and create a global reorganization court. Pay is as always the “little man” with his savings.

Meanwhile, it would have to any reasonably intelligent people have become clear that everything is a huge “casino game” is.

Long ago, the money given out was backed by “gold reserves”.

When they abandoned this principle and introduced the profitability of individual economies as a new base value, actually would be all still been in order.

The U.S. as a “pioneer”, however, have to want to control their “braggadocio” the world economy, leaving the real foundation long ago. The dollar is “still” as the basic world. With the unbridled growth in recent years was the “stuffed holes” are.

The unnecessary war in Iraq was the United States located in order to distract from domestic problems and to flow through Ruestungskaeufe billion in the defense industry.

Sadam Hussein, a dictator was probably the scapegoat, and others as Gaddaffi were hoffiert.
As the world trade is conducted in dollars, the U.S. will continuously receive billions in “hard currency” and are financed from the difference in value to the “soft dollars”.

In addition, the Fed (Central American) billions of dollars in undeclared printed and circulated added that make the dollar actually practically almost worthless.

Actually, the U.S. government has long been “bankrupt” and is obtained only through financial manipulation greatest extent alive. Next, the Fed has tons of worthless “Notes” would in their vaults, which trigger on receiving notice of the extent of the “bankrupt”.

The moment of truth is approaching.

The “dollar crash” is inevitable and only just a matter of time.

The euro should also be based on economic performance in the EU and this framework has been away for quite some time as well. It’s about using billions of euros, as if it were a matter of a few million. But the fact is that there are no real assets of more that could cover these vast sums of money also to some extent only.

The “rescue” will be exhausted with Spain. Other candidates, such as Italy will then lead to chaos.

Ralf Guenther
Visionary, consultant and writer
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