The electromagnetic spherical motor

Patent application 1027/07

With a hydrogen fuel cell, a voltage and an electric power is generated out of the two permanent electromagnets. These are outside of a plastic housing in which a vacuum is established, appropriate. Within the housing is a plastic-coated magnetic ball which is held by the permanent magnets inside the case in free space.

Within the ball are depending on the desired power output a variable number of individual magnets, it can be 10 pieces, also be less or more. These magnets are mutually shielded so that does not interfere with the individual magnetic fields electro magnetic. The arrangement is similar to the spokes of wheels in carts.

In the center of the sphere is a circular recess in which moves a rotating with the rotation of the ball attachment (like a flywheel).With rapid rotation of the ball, this consists of non-magnetic material anchor that functions as a pathogen, pressed by the onset of centrifugal force to the inner wall and remains there motionless until the speed of the ball is reduced mar. The centrifugal force is eliminated. At that moment, the armature moves in a rotational movement of gravity down and brings the now almost stalled rotation of the ball as the pace of magnetic position magnet position and prevents the engagement of the ball in one of the 10 magnet positions.

Switched off when fuel cell, thus eliminating the electric power supplied to the electro-permanent magnets, the ball could come to a standstill. The armature acts as a pacemaker, so that the ball remains in the rotation and magnetic field to magnetic field continues to rotate. This means that we can continuously produce a sufficient amount of electrical power to the memory of the electronics to provide the rest.

The energy supplied to the fuel cell is fed induction into the case.The performance of the fuel cell is an electronic control and pulse control to the permanent-magnet electric regulated and the already slowly rotating ball in the desired rotation speed (rpm) to be related, which is incomparably higher than that of a gasoline engine. With increasing rotation speed of the ball a force field and electric power is established. This performance is increased by the rotation speed of the ball. The size of the sphere and the size of the magnets located therein and the quantity of supplied by the fuel cell electrical energy (power) to determine the output power. The performance of fuel cells accumulated with the ball produced by the additional magnetic force so that the output power is significantly greater than that fed by the fuel cell to the electric-energy permanent magnets.

The inductive output acquired from the plastic housing, which houses the rotating sphere is also taken over inductive. If the motor vehicles in the power output in permanent magnet wheel motors is transmitted. By individual control of these hub motors using potentiometers each wheel is driven separately, so that we have the effect of a 4-wheel driven vehicle.

The function of the battery is replaced by a capacitor. The first initiation of rotation of the ball is made at the factory and runs until the end of the life of the engine or the vehicle.

The released braking energy we store in a capacitor. The capacitor in the stored-up electric power we use for the electrical supply of the vehicle and reduce lead to the unnecessary extra power through a parallel supply the electro-permanent magnet and thus the consumption of hydrogen fuel cells.

By the frictionless rotation of the ball results in no frictional resistance. There is therefore no refrigeration necessary. There are transmission, differential, driveshaft, battery, generator (alternator), cooling system with water pump and a large part of the exhaust away.

This drive is subject to virtually no wear.

This new engine is absolutely harmful substances.

He is, outside of water vapor is only a small amount of heat into the environment off.

The claim is directed to all the components described the operation of the ball described electromagnetic motor, the power supply, control and power transmission.

Ralf Guenther


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