Knowing and doing

Everyone has a personal knowledge, one knows anything more about a subject, the other again about a different topic. This has always been so and will always remain so. The knowledge is compared well with the view. Let us just before a high tower with windows on all floors. That of the first now in the look floor is only a certain limited view through the window opening to outside have. The other, however, who came to the middle of the tower, is already able to see far into the landscape. However, the one who has reached the top of the platform is able to see aroundthe horizon.

The one from the first floor is going to do now what he seesfrom his perspective, he can not see how the situation from the perspective of the center of the tower, much less is at the top. Todo the right thing so he relies on information from above. Donethis not so, he may work in the wrong direction.


Those who have a larger vision must be aware of their social responsibility and share their knowledge. This must be a common thread from top to bottom and be constantly updated.

The one who now works without the right information in the wrong direction, but before God still a valuable person. But the other of his knowledge will not be passed down is a bad man before God.

Ralf Guenther
Prophet, visionary, consultant and writer
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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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