Bin Laden and German policy

A previous conviction and the “murder” Bin Laden is contrary to international law and any international law and the Pakistan.

The fact is that to some of bin Laden “terror attacks” known.
It is also undisputed that there were other than Bin Laden and other violent extremists, which transmits those who planned and executed terrorist actions and continue to do so and now be reinforced.

Bin Laden himself has expressed himself as at 11 September to the effect that he had not expected such an effect, and was himself surprised.

I want to sugarcoat anything now and condemn any terrorist act in the strongest terms.

Bin Laden disposes of secret information from the Americans and would be for a “kidnapping” of Pakistan, it could have had an even greater danger to America probably was.

On the one hand, it has eliminated the “head” of the extreme violent Islamists now, and thus an “apparent calm” was created.

That this is a mistake, will be shown in the next time through increased acts of terrorism.

Angela Merkel has its manifestation and expression of “joy” certainly achieved anything good for Germany. The presence in Afghanistan and now this utterance Germany bring further increases in the firing line of terrorists (Taliban). The attack in Afghanistan last weekend has seen in that context. Next will surely follow.

Which in and of itself “ridiculous” and completely over exaggerated arrest of Strauss-Kahn also has a political background. “Affairs” of this kind that happen every day, were and are not done in this form. Him on the plane to arrest spectacular presence of the media on the grounds that he would escape by fleeing his responsibility is not relevant.
Through his role, he would often several times in the U.S. have been and you could easily make him a due process can not be sure he would have withdrawn.

Domestically, it shows here again that the policy from the point of “how to reach the maximum approval of the voters,” continues unabated in the foreground and the “truth” is subjective, far removed from objectivity.

I wonder when will this inform the public honestly and what must happen to achieve that?

Ralf Guenther
Visionary, consultant and writer

About jesuschristusmessias

Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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