Thais ignore the commandments of Buddha

Thais are considered glaebige Buddhists regularly visit the temple to honor the monks and provide them with food.

On the other hand, they have a more than ambiguous relationship to the teachings of Buddha.

It reads, inter alia, as in all world religions,

You shall be truthful,
You shall not steal.

This applies only to each other only between the Thais and the good more or less.

With foreigners, however, they are called here Fallangs, these rules apply not at all.

This can and may be cheated and robbed.

To the police to be well received, but usually nothing happened. It is therefore supports authorities and by such conduct, the “prostitutes” even encouraged and protected.

Abortion is illegal in Thailand.

Are the children but of “Fallangs” begotten, the monks help to abortion and collect the fetuses them as soon as enough are gathered to burn then. In Bangkok you have “accidentally” tracked down thousands of such fetuses. The Thai press reported it but nothing.

The correct translation of the word “Fallang” would be “foreigners” and is used throughout the Asian region in all languages.

In Thailand, especially with this term “customer”, or “customer” is identified.

Even a Thai woman who is married to a foreigner and has fathered children with him, and for the family remains the “Fallang. Finally, it brings money into the house every month and for this reason – and as long as this windfall persists – he is treated like a king and feels privileged.

But woe if it fails to cash flow!

I leave it up here the reader’s imagination to imagine the scenario is possible and often ends with the death of the alien.

Thais, who get involved with “Fallangs” intend to make money with them while it is usually not correct.

The majority (read: almost without exception) are of Thais, which may offer massages, etc. and are found in bars, “prostitute”.

Ralf Guenther
Visionary, consultant and writer


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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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