Visionary Ralf Guenther about Energy

These “considerations” are now already 10 years old and still relevant today.

Unfortunately, it is only me and this is followed in part incomplete, although decision-makers, politicians and scientists are aware.Billion were in the meantime, short-lived projects and “dead-end projects” invested and thus “put sand in the. The focus mainly focused on economic interests and profit.

First, the current situation:

We note that the temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere from year to year. Scientists are currently divided over whether the main cause in the emission of CO2 gases is to be sought. The CO2 problem is considered in isolation is not the cause alone.All light gases, but most of all CO2 rise into the stratosphere and prevent accumulation in the cosmic radiation, the radiation of the sun’s heat back into space. This scientific knowledge will be proved scientifically shortly in Geneva at CERN using the new particle accelerator.

We have another 7 years to reduce our emissions of light gases to very significant, that a stop to this devastating effect can be achieved in about 50 years.

The current efforts of individual countries are not sufficient to achieve this goal even close.

Efforts in the past with the reduction of CO2 emissions by changing the use, production methods, installation of effective filters and other measures are only a “drop in the bucket.”

These efforts are accompanied by a lack of consumer awareness. It is claimed that with the use of gas, biofuels made from plant materials (corn, palm oil, rapeseed, soybean, sugar beet, wheat and. Other.) Is helping contribute to preserve our environment.

This is a big mistake.

All of these alternatives lead to any significant reduction of CO2 gases, but have yet to be the ecologically disastrous effects. Staple food more expensive in the poorest countries and are in famines not in sufficient quantities. It is thus only reduces dependence on oil.

The projects range from solar and wind energy to supply power to the lead with the current interpretations all together not to a detachment of nuclear and coal power. The power industry needs a guaranteed for 24 hours constant, constant electricity supply today by the philosophy of alternative energy sources can be met only marginally. The total installed capacity as the leader of Germany in the field of solar energy lies in the state 2011, less than 2% of total energy production.

The goal must be to these power plants as quickly as possible to switch off and refrain from building new power plants. All these alternatives are not in a position 24-hour uniform feed electricity and therefore lead to big problems with voltage fluctuations in the network and are therefore seen by the power industry with suspicion.

The immediate shutdown of good working Nuclear-power plants in Germany is also not the right way. We lack the medium term for the households and the industry needed amount of electricity and will provide us with increased electricity imports in Germany depend on varying. In addition, the imported electricity is then in turn come from Nuclear-power plants. So it makes absolutely no sense politically and economically.

Remember, on the border with Germany and Switzerland from France, an  Nuclear-power plant is operated in Fessenheim, which has been in the past by several accidents, countless attention. It would in a district of the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Freiburg, Basel and Muehlhausen (all cities within 30-40 Kilomter within), more than 1 million people take in these habitats.

Such already dirty and outdated “A power plants would have to be turned off first! … And others would have to follow in other European countries before more modern and technically trouble-powered Nuclear- power stations – only for political considerations be taken in Germany by the network.

When the population is actually informed truthfully? 

Photovoltaic systems greater power for the power supply lead to a deadlock. For the following reasons:

1. Too expensive.

The production of silicon cells, the construction of modules and the production of large modules (wiring and mounting structures) are expensive.

2. Susceptible to interference.

For overvoltages (lightning that can not be covered by flash protection) specially the parallel fields are at risk. The vulnerabilities are the connections between the individual cells.These are porous and melt, leading to voltage and power loss.This is a complicated troubleshooting because these interruptions can hardly be detected visually. Any repair leads to shutdown of the plant. High maintenance and repair costs is the result.

3. Aesthetic concern.

Do we want to “cultivate” our roofs of the houses, our gardens, the hills and beaches near the ocean with a photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines, although we know that the maximum production output can only cover a relatively small part.

Who will take over the moral responsibility here? 


The politicians, the “Greens”, the profiteers or not truthfully informed population?

How we generate our energy in the future?

The two pillars of the medium-term future will be as follows:


to build 3,000 megawatts – are hybrid solar power plants in 1000. The plans for such facilities must be made quickly so that the new power plants created in the medium term and provide electricity. There will be solar power plants with parabolic mirror technology. These will be big square kilometers, will be installed primarily in North Africa and by means of an electric power connection through Sicily to Italy to the European grid.

They consist of various groups that produce, preferably with low temperatures with the principle of the Stirling engine power and hydrogen gas. This sterling engines will have to be developed but not in the known conventional construction, but as turbines.Ca. 40% of the installed capacity of such a power plant is used for the production of hydrogen gas are thus at times shading of the mirrors and at night the lack of electricity can be provided.

The previously pre-created more new plants and prototypes not lead to a useful result because they are not able to provide power 24 hours guaranteed. Also, the designs are technically too complicated, so that they are uneconomical. Thus, for example, the mirror motor track the sun and concentrate on a single receiver. This leads again to high levels of investment and, second, to predictable problems and downtime. The hard-alloy mirror surface will be attacked by environmental influences, such as natural corrosion, dust and sand and has to be an average operating time already renewed. Remember that cause sandstorms a similar effect, such as a sandblasting. The mirror finish, which will lead to a reduction in output. Also penetrates the fine sand into the motor housing and will lead to failures. In my concept, we have autonomous individual fields in the power plant, the parabolic mirrors are easy to replace. The mirrors are arranged in a semicircle and located such that they do not shade each other. They are laid on the track in groups to track the sun.No need for motors for going by the Sun.

We do not produce extremely high temperatures, but go at the bottom with multiple recipients are also mounted on rails and is geared to the optimum focal point of the mirror. The mirrors are mechanically the seasons can be adjusted to an angle. The individual performances of the groups are then combined using conventional and proven power plant technology, the high voltage is then transformed and result in a guaranteed 24-hour electricity supply.

These power plants are economical and are of interest to the field of power industry.

There will also be solar-hybrid power plants, by heating a medium (eg oil)
work with steam turbines instead of the principle of the Sterling engine. This construction is, however, despite higher efficiency and significantly more complicated and expensive maintenance.


The second pillar of our energy production in Central Europe, GEO-Thermic  power plants to be created nationally, to help the independence of imported electricity.Geologists have to determine favorable locations. There will be two holes. The first well will be a depth at a 80 ° temperature reached. It is then a closed circuit built with liquid helium, which can store heat optimally.

With a heat exchanger system is generated above-ground hot water and delivered to the homes. The plant capacity is designed to meet the winter needs. In the summer, with the excess heat and the principle of the Stirling engine generates hydrogen, which is needed for our transportation in the medium future. The second well will lower. Initiated cold water is evaporated and we operate above ground steam engines (turbines), and produce electricity. The current production is geared to peak demand.

These power plants provide guarantees 24 hours of electricity.

With the excess electricity (at night we need less power) we will in turn produce hydrogen gas, which liquefies again as fuel for our transportation is available. The production of hydrogen, the mobilization and distribution (service station networks) fall within the interest range of today’s oil industry because it will replace the current system of medium and long term.

The design and production of many components needed for the power plants could manufactured in Switzerland and in Europe and maintain and create new ones.

The imported electricity is mainly used locally for the production of hydrogen and secured our medium and long term fuel supply.

The import of liquid hydrogen and the transport over long distances can not come into question since they alter the hydrogen molecules of molecular metals, with the result that pipelines and storage tanks are leaking.

To dispense with the construction of additional A-fired power plants in Europe, the following measures must be planned and implemented in the short term:

1. Power-saving awareness among the population and industry is created. Thus, during the day (not at night when we have a current over-production), power-hungry devices in the workplace to limit or eliminate. Large consumers should delay increased (pulse controlled) are sequentially activated. This leads to shut down the early morning and afternoon peak current required.

2. Establishment of stationary battery banks, the optimal power peaks in the parallel operation shut down much help. It is sufficient for example in Berlin one such battery bank to the tips of an entire neighborhood shut down much can. This technique is called “peak shaving with stationary batteries.

These measures and others give us more can be achieved the necessary time to the new energy concepts.

Medium-and long-term measures:

In-house installation 2 different grids are introduced. A power grid for cooker, washing machine and dishwasher. A DC power for lighting and other consumers. Consider that the devices of consumer electronics, phones, computers, printers, televisions, mobile phones, electronic games and many others are operated with direct current and nonsensical as all are individually furnished with conversion of 220 volts direct current. This conversion consumes more power than the devices themselves require. We also achieve greater safety in the house. Consider the danger in the bathroom and with the sockets for the children. DC power outlets are not dangerous.
All lighting can easily be converted to direct current. Millions of unnecessary power converters and chargers could be switched off in the house wiring by a single conversion. Using parabolic mirrors can concentrate the light to be directed into the building, so that will be needed from the socket with new light no electric current with optical fiber cables and prisms. A custom storage ensures sufficient brightness even at night with this new cutting-edge technology.

Establishment of 2 or 3 water supply in domestic installations.One for high-quality drinking water, the other for hot water (bath, toilet) and a third by holding back a lot of roof water for plants or cleaning.

I need only mention the most important and most effective cost-cutting measures. There are countless ideas but all together planned and implemented will lead to results.

Today’s internal combustion engines are more fuel efficient, hybrid vehicles are increasingly coming to the market. In the medium term we will have hydrogen engines.

After that, replace, invented by me, “Electromagnetic spherical motor,” those engines. This patent-pending future motor and electronic control is built as much as possible in Switzerland and in Europe and the auto industry will be supplied. There are guaranteed here in Switzerland and in Europe, jobs and training places and new ones are created.

As the demand for energy will increase in the coming decades, further ongoing research in the direction of “fusion” and here especially the “Cold Fusion” push hard.

This energy is covered as a basic energy in the far future energy needs worldwide.

By means of the particle accelerator and intensive research (CERN), this is made possible.

Subsidies may be only start-up stimuli and no element is inefficient to implement concepts still can.

Ralf Guenther
Visionary, inventor, consultant and writer

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