“Conflagration” in the Arab world!

It began in Tunisia and Egypt and now in Libya. The Conflagration now but record the entire Arab world. The patronized and sometimes lawless citizens are now at the “awakening” and demand more rights, democratic reforms and better living conditions.
They rise up against the dictators, feudal rulers have reigned for centuries as part contradiction with their dynasties.
As opposition parties were banned, there are no moderate “reformers”. This vacuo are now the “Shiite” forces and in particular take advantage of the theocracy of Iran.
This leads in consequence to an increased pressure on Israel and the already existing “encirclement” increase.
Mahmoud Abbas, whom I have met personally in December 2002 in Ramallah, through to large concessions in secret negotiations with the Israeli leadership, even disqualified for the moderate Palestinians, so that he now considered “traitors” and stands for his political credibility fight.
The consequence is loss of at least one and a strengthening of Hamas voters are.

On the other hand, due to the stubborn attitude and unwillingness of the Israelis in terms of the settlement policy of the United States prevented by the veto of the resolution a “time bomb” and will bring Israel into a hopeless situation.
In Libya and other countries by a lack of political opposition parties, which are also able to manage their countries, caused at least a “vacuum” and koservative forces and here are mainly the Shia more influence.
Democracy in all these countries is a “pipe dream” and will not be viable for a long time. This finding is also in the case of Afghanistan will have to take note.
The whole of my costumes from realistic point of view, must be limited to the observance of human rights.
Due to a lack of functioning administrative structures must, therefore, the assistance from developed nations on this issue limit and must take into account that they can only moderate “Caliph” create another short order.

Ralf Guenther



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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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