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Legalized prostitution

A woman a man marries for his money or prestige is a “legalized prostitution”! Of course this applies vice versa for men. A connection should be based on love, mutual trust and harmonyin the built up together. Since love is missing most, a harmony is not possible. Children who are born in this marriage in, usually experience alsodoes not love you, then very often love with sexual feelings that one feels for another human being the same. You will not know what “harmony” and for this reason, these do not look in their relationship with a partner. Thus, already the … Continue reading

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What happens next in the Arab world?

After the “conflagration” in the Arab countries, which will include allnations to major conflicts of interest arise. This will not be limited to more freedom and better living conditions, but it will result inirreconcilable differences of opinion on religious basis. One will agree but in the foreign policy statement of the situation with Israel. -The State of Israel was founded against the existing international law. -The expulsion of the Palestinians is a violation of human rights. -The settlement policy is illegal and to cease immediately. -The newly-occupied territories are returned. The consequence will be that it will increase pressure on Israel and the United States, which have prevented her veto UN resolutions against … Continue reading

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“Conflagration” in the Arab world!

It began in Tunisia and Egypt and now in Libya. The Conflagration now but record the entire Arab world. The patronized and sometimes lawless citizens are now at the “awakening” and demand more rights, democratic reforms and better living conditions. They rise … Continue reading

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