The End of the taboos

Excerpt from a capital of my latest book,
which will be published this year titled “The End of taboos”

The effect of the preferred drug of the youth I would be described as follows. Having started with amphetamines, so Thai pills Yabaa and the like I found 3 prominent effects:

1. Euphoric mood, frustration, forgetfulness, high feelings, increased self-esteem

2. Reduction of inhibitions and fear of contact with themselves and in dealing with other people to the inhibition

3. Sexual Stimmulation with the strong desire to engage sexually

This leads to a technical sex, so a sexual desire without that love is in the game.

So it is a substitute satisfaction.

The dangerous thing about these drugs is that the sexual feelings of pleasure can be so strong that the infliction of pain is perceived as full of pleasure and there is a significant risk of injury.

It can also lead to a quasi-continuous orgasm, a feeling which can last for hours.

The source of pleasure is male consumers in the prostate, which is exactly why transsexuals, so ladyboys and gays here is a special interest as it is, according as the emotions are determined by a contact also produce anal orgasms, the normal sexual intercourse with a partner rarely are realized.

An overdose can lead to a “permanent orgasm” and then after some time felt uncomfortable.

The dangerous thing about these drugs is occurring even after slight use dependence. The effect of the drug lasts for days and the desire to escape the “reality” is always stronger.
After a short time then the existing residual effect due to consumption of a new small dose is refreshed.

In contrast to the double danger of addiction such as heroin and related illegal drugs and prescription drugs so requiring pharmaceutical Psycho, in which the withdrawal is associated with physical pain and discomfort, the risk of addiction here is primarily on the mental side.

These drugs are beyond expensive, often the financial framework for young people and are then door opener into prostitution and social misconduct to acquisitive crime.

Ralf Guenther

Prophet and writer

About jesuschristusmessias

Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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