A few recommendations and advice for people of faith

In recent weeks I’ve written a lot and therefore expect my appreciation for the financial crash, the latest just before or after the outbreak of the pandemic.

So what’s next?

1. Disasters

Have we already in 2010 with records of a century and it continues.

2. Financial crash.

Disintegration of the dollar worldwide, caused by poor economic data, rising unemployment, hundreds of billions of undeclared issued dollar notes are not worth the paper are.

Other currencies, which are linked to the dollar, are also drawn into the vortex.

A signal is also the unabated and discreet running gold sales by central banks. The gold is paid for with dollars. We are therefore trying to reduce the dollar holdings quietly.

Currencies that are in crisis yet comes off well, the Swiss franc will be in Europe and Asian values with the leader of China.
The new world currency will be calculated on the basis of the total world gross national product and determine the total money supply.
After a key then the exchange rate to the previously relevant national currencies to be determined.

Since then the world, the same valuation principles, hear speculations, currency manipulation, undeclared pressure of a larger and unsecured money and other speculative operations on.

The new currency, however, determined not by gold reserves, but the earning power of the economies.

Investments in gold that is still No. 1 and raw materials and especially those needed for the manufacturing processes for its production of environmentally friendly products.

Energy is always in the far future, a large growth market and the shares are likely to remain generally stable in value.

Was equally likely food values with the exception of basic foodstuffs and the pharmaceutical industry with reservations,I will explain later, well in the race are.

Energy from coal and gas are causing new emission and in particular CO2 producing, re-calculated.

Here, the nuclear power by the unresolved and expensive disposal and the costs that exiling today on future generations to achieve a relatively low electricity price, omitting the final disposal costs of spent fuel rods, the most expensive electricity.

Investment in shares of manufacturers of products in the field of renewable energies is always recommended, provided that the manufactured products are offered competitive on the market.
Here I have, however, some manufacturers my big doubt.
(See my blog “Reflections of a visionary”)

Investment in shares of companies that biofuels made from renewable crops and wood, which release CO2 and same but only reduce the dependence on oil can be recommended in principle.

Meanwhile, biofuels made from plants, which are staple foods such as corn, wheat and others are not recommended and not recommended to be.

Shares and all other papers but recalculated on the basis of the intrinsic value and it will valor reduced criteria, such as environmental impact and so the values.
Gold investments are not without problems as bad to get to the gold market and for this reason between buying and selling a wide margin is calculated. The gold will continue to rise unabated, however, but when notified that there be a new world currency, massive decline in value and return to regular reviews, which is regulated by supply and demand once more.

Before announcing the new world currency, therefore, it gold to that still can bring the expected increase in value as possible in one of the more stable currencies, so as the Swiss franc or sold during the period of growth in value.

It is also recommended to be separated in time by way of exchange of gold holdings into other real assets or resources like this and I advise not to wait for the new world currency.

One should, therefore, the gold even as the price increases rather separate little early than too late.

It recommends, for example, raw materials including oil and food, but no government bonds, securities, real estate, and buy insurance stocks, including any shares of the manufacturing industry since the revaluation to the new world currency with a relatively high value of losses is expected of me.

In this case, investments in insurance value of any kind connected with a big risk.

As the global public companies are domiciled in different countries and work, so the infrastructure, environmental sustainability, fair minimum wages, social services and other relevant circumstances of these production facilities of the country to be included in the calculations.

Since the shares are traded over-valued in general, they will lose so much of real value to the new world currency, so in principle should not be invested in shares for the transition phase without risk of loss.

The recalculation of the individual national currencies to the value in the new world currency will be customized and value-neutral can be made and not as the effect wears off the reunification in Germany, where they have the almost worthless Ostmark an exchanged one against the DM and a is economically significant damage from ticket sales were not more delivered and no longer produced products by fake delivery note with a loss of just this segment of at least 30 billion marks and one, like all old and new public debt to future generations imposes a pledges to “indefinitely”.

As the preparation for a new Weltwaehrung takes time, is in the transition time to expect major problems.

Should provisionally in the time of re-calculations in the shares of basic foodstuff manufacturing production companies without
foreseeable future, adjustments are not invested. The use of fertilizers, chemicals and genetically modified seeds, which also lead to over-exploitation, will be worth diminishing.

The staple food, which should be to all people around the world in sufficient quantities and must be cheapest on the market and can feed everyone. This is right now, unfortunately not the case.

Staple food should also not commodities futures, price manipulation by virtual depletion of the market to earn large profits, and increase the cost by unscrupulous profiteering disproportionately.

The recalculation of the intrinsic value of the shares or securities other possible world a restart on the same terms and certified valuations, which are determined globally by the same calculation scheme.

A similar re-evaluation will take place for real estate.

This general re-evaluation is for a verifiable and around the world equal and known pattern, which contains all the information recorded on a grid and basis of calculation is to create transparency and trust, to prevent speculators, life impossible, or at least difficult to make and air operations and fraud with bad assets, or quote at least substantial limitation.

Speculators and swindlers who have dealt with over-priced securities and still continue to act as if anything would happen, this will put a stop and bring them out to each share a certified investment with a guaranteed and came face value of the shares and therefore new markets worldwide also open up for investors.

Investments in diamonds and precious stones are to be rejected since for all and without exception, the prices on the drawing board or in cartels artificially set for the world market. Including overproduction of the market are taken so that the price kept artificially at a desired level.

Should you still invest in stocks, what I do not recommend, so you should make sure to buy those which meet the new requirements in their production of climate protection, but less decrease in those papers whose products only the dependence on oil but not CO2 free are.

Should derive solely from high profits of these companies, and, for example, for pharmaceutical value of products with thousands of percent of premiums, which typically for pharmaceutical industries, chemical giants, and other dominant undertaking are also common in other industries who are interested, what with relatively few products cover their basic costs already, so one should not forget that about benefits, so unrestrained exploitation of patent rights, special production methods, etc. and other monopolies of violating the 10 commandments of God and the 7th Commandment “Thou shalt not steal” is.

So once again clear – way of shares of any kind, away from government bonds, insurance papers and property values.
Towards this noble metals and with a clear preference of gold and precious metals and other metals where the goods in the production of important industrial and computer science industry are constantly needed and toward raw materials and food in general.

No investment in commodity futures of staple food because again manipulated and is also not in shares of commodity-producing or promoting industries that above-average market premiums dominate their products and thus to calculate the 7God’s command failed.

7. You shall not steal.

The 7th Commandment forbids the neighbor of goods and chattels to inflict harm.

By robbery and theft.

By fraud and usury.

Due to excessive demands.

By reckless debt and denial of payment.

If you damage other people’s property.

If you keep found and borrowed.

By using the damage to the neighbor.

By accepting unjust goods (import).

If damage to a neighbor is not prevented, although it could.
Ralf Günther
Prophetic, visionary, inventor, consultant and writer

About jesuschristusmessias

Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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