When and where we can expect the turning point, which calculated the Mayas with the year 2012?

The apocalypse has been several times and also the satisfaction of various prophets in their prophecies mentioned.

First I would like to point out the importance of the often misunderstood word. Apocalypse comes from the Greek language and does not want hot end of the world,
but translated literally “unveiling” to equate with the term
“Come to the knowledge”.

So will also define the term end time
which exists between the old and the new age.

In the end, the apocalypse-year Kabbalah, a Jewish secret doctrine, what is taught but not exclusively by the Jews and only after the 40. Age should be studied, announced the following:

Share them in 2009 by seven and you get 287
Divide the result again by 7 and you get 41st
The number is reversed 41 14, ie 2 x 7
With no other year can be repeated in the present century.

7 is the number of God

(see blog “God’s Magic 7.

Conclusion: The Apocalypse-year is the year 2010.

The Mayans knew, however, still unaware of the existence of the planet Neptune, we are only about 100 years ago. Had they known the coordinates, they would also come to the year 2010.

Coming back to the prophecies and the revelation a statement to a better understanding is required. From the view at that time have now been listed events
which are to be found in the apocalyptic year instead. This one has now, if you want to understand the statements to interpret the present day.

So what’s essential in this year and 2011 and what actually arrived yet?

1. Disasters worldwide
2. Worldwide financial crash
3. Worldwide pandemic
4. Start of new era

Disasters we have in many different species sufficiently, and it goes on.

The financial crash is triggered by a collapse of the dollar and thus the collapse of world trade.

The triggering causes are:

Weak U.S. economy. Rising unemployment. Printed trillions of undeclared dollars that were put into circulation and not even the paper they are printed on the value and now even the tension between the U.S. and China.

China, after entry into force of the import tariffs on Chinese products its huge dollar reserves and bring its government bonds in the financial markets and trigger a price fall of the dollar. As a result, a domino effect will follow other investors, which will then trigger the total crash.

Evidence already speak it. How to buy the various national banks to pay huge amounts of gold and of dollar currency. This is the price of gold continues to rise and fall of the dollar.

intervene in all currencies, which are closely linked to the dollar, or by support buying more will lose a lot of money that are sometimes pushed to the brink of bankruptcy.

As the world trade is conducted in dollars, created after the crash chaos on financial markets. Existing orders can not be executed for non-payment option with global consequences.

Then comes the pandemic.

It’s a flu, which comes from Asia and worldwide 60-80% of infected will kill. There are no medicines, vaccines and let an insufficient mouthguard. Young children, asthmatics, elderly people with respiratory problems and others can not be protected.

The incubation period is around 2 weeks so that it can be determined only with the rise of the fever, the flu infection.Quarantine measures are therefore not possible.

This leads to a complete breakdown of traffic, problems with supplying the population with food, uninhabitable by skyscrapers with central air conditioning systems …. etc..

A horror idea, which is beyond the scope of any imagination.

Then comes the new age.

The expected Messiah of the Christians, the Mahdi for the Islamists, the Mashiach for the Jews, the Mahdi for the Islamists and Muslims, who Maitraya for the Buddhists, the Mansour Faasileh for the Hindus, is one and the same person.

The Messiah has already physically on the ground and with the power of God, will then help the imploring people and lead them into the new age.

The profile of the Messiah is defined by Adam Kadmon.

Ralf Günther
Prophet and writer


About jesuschristusmessias

Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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