Briefly before its death a Jerusalemer Rabbiner wrote down the name of the Messiah

Thursday, 24 May 2007 10:22
Blasphemie of purest water
Briefly before its death a Jerusalemer Rabbiner wrote down the name of the Messiah. In the meantime the secret note was opened – and excited some being astonished.
in September 2005 the Jerusalemer Rabbiner and Kabbalist Jizchak Kaduri wrote a short note down. He instructed that she only one year could be read after its death. In January 2006 the Rabbiner died.

One year later was opened the note. There was to be read, what many already know for 2000 years. Kaduris original text:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the name of the Messiah:

Jarim HA’at the Wejochiach Sche’Dvaro We’Torato Omdim [ on German: It will increase the people and will prove that its word and his law stand ].

I signed that in the month of the mercy

Jizchak Kaduri

Note of Rabbiner Kaduri

The Hebrew initial letters of the words in the sentence are: Jot – He – Waw – Schin – Waw – Ain

Lined up these letters are read in the Hebrew one „as“ Jehoschua. That is the Hebrew form of the name „Jesus“.

The reactions to the exposure of Rabbiner Kaduri were mixed. In the Israeli media the note was hushed up.

Students at the Jewish seminar Nahalat Jizchak – one based by Kaduris son David (80) – explained, its instructor had not said, how exactly the name of the Messiah from the sentence must be decoded.

Son David regards the note even as a falsification.

At the alleged time of the minute of the note its father is not been any more able to write. In addition do not come the handwriting from it.

When David Kaduri experienced that the official web page of his father reported of the note, it was to have proclaimed:

„Oh no! That is Blasphemie.“

Humans could purge to the faith that its father had referred to the Messiah of the Christians.

Against the fact David Kaduri confirmed that its father had talked and had dreamed in the last years almost exclusively about the Messiah.

„My father is the Messiah in a vision meets.“

Rabbiner Jizchak Kaduri was a Kabbalist and a Talmud scholar. He was visited by thousands of humans around advice and admired as holy. It was also well-known to cause Amulette to breathe and healings.

aduri originated from Bagdad and around the year 1898 was born there.

1922 he emigrated to Palestine. There it was first active as translators for the Arabic language at the British army. After the establishment of state he worked as a book maker.

With its death on 28 January 2006 it was about 110 years old.

In its funeral participated between 200.000 and 300.000 humans.

Briefly before its death the Rabbiner explained the Messiah to have seen.

Kaduri explained that the Messiah in Israel will appear after the death of the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Scharon.

The former Israeli Prime Minister Scharon lies since at the beginning of January 2006 in coma.

A Messiah of meat and blood

The description of the Messiah of Rabbiner Kaduri is published on its official homepage.

The Messiah will hold no office, but will be among humans and the media for communication will use. Its government will be pure – without personal or political interests.

During its rule only honesty and truth would prevail.

Rabbiner Kaduri:
„The people will be surprised and said: ‘What, is that the Messiah?’ Already many knew but did not believe its name, that it is the Messiah.“

Not all humans would believe immediately in the Messiah. For Nichtglaeubige it will be easier, the Messiah to follow than for orthodox Jews.

Revealing the Messiah happens in two steps. First it will confirm its position actively as Messiah – without will know that it is the Messiah.

Then become it some Jews reveal themselves. That not necessarily Tora scholars would have to be. Only afterwards it reveals itself to the whole nation.

„The people will be surprised and said: “which, that is the Messiah?” Already many knew but did not believe its name, that it is the Messiah.“

If the Messiah comes, it will release Jerusalem from strange religions.

Crosses on the manuscripts

According to the daily paper ‘Israel Today’ gives it many private manuscripts of the Rabbiners, which it wrote for its students. There cross-similar symbols, which scattered over the sides Kaduri painted, are particularly remarkable.

Believers Jews do not use crosses. Even plus signs are avoided, because they could be regarded as a cross.

On the meaning of its crosses addressed, avowed Kaduri that they „are indications“ of the angels.

Representatives of the seminar Nahalat Yitzhak explained opposite ‘Israel Today’that history over the secret note never arise would have may.

It damaged the call admired old ways.

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Es gibt nur einen allmaechtigen Gott und er hat verschiedene Namen. There is only one Almighty God and he has different names.
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